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Tech Ginee knows what money means for you. That’s why, we bring you professional computer tech support starting at just $199.99. Our pocket-friendly plans are designed in such a manner that you don’t have to worry about shelling out extra dollars from your pocket. To get an in-depth detailing of our plans, you can reach us at our Toll Free # + 1-888-608-8688.
Our Promise: If we can't fix your problem, we won't charge you.

Instant Computer & Virus Support

Plan Specifications




PC Tune Up
We clean trash from computers and by using disk defragmentation we remove bad sectors to get maximum performance.
Virus Removal
We identify infected files and applications in operating system files and folders and we clean them manually to avoid sudden OS crashes.
Registry Clear
Some applications leaves traces in registry after uninstallation, these traces may create conflicts with other applications or services and to avoid these confliction we remove those traces from registry.
Free C-Cleaner for Life Time
C-Cleaner is one of the most powerful tool to do regular basic tasks we install C-Cleaner in computer so user can do basic things without any help of technicians.
Setup and Installation
We help our customers to install maximum software’s in computers we also try to understand customer needs and we suggest our customers to buy the software accordingly.
This step is very important cause in this we check errors in computer and we disable unnecessary visual effects and along with set energy settings to high performance and we make sure OS is Up to Date.
Free Antivirus Installation
We provide trial versions antiviruses like AVG, Avast or Norton to keep our customers computer's safe and secure.
PC Protection
We provide PC protection in our gold single incident plan or on our annual packages, in that we turn on firewall in customer’s computer and along with we create auto batch files to clean computer trash in every intervals as per computer configuration and customer needs.
PC Security
PC security is a paid antivirus tool basically we recommend this tool to our customer as per customer's computer configuration and needs.
Single Incident Package Pricing (1 PC)




A Single incident package is valid up to 48 hours. However, if the same problem happens again, it is valid up to 7 days. This package varies as per our plans specifications.

Note-These services are non- refundable.*
Limited Annual Package Pricing (1 PC)




In this package we provide 6 incidents in a year to our customers. Again these packages varies as per our plans specifications.

Note-These services are non - transferable and non- refundable.*




*Please refer to our Terms And Condition Page.

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